Pattry: Okay obviously this is for Kasupedia. Nothing big. I just want to ask about your life on Furcadia so far and the things you have helped us with!
Pattry: First one is easy: When did you join Furcadia and what did you do when you were a newbie?
Daiktana: Uh 2001 - I spent the first two hours trying to get my boots back from someone who persona played that they stole them.. not realizing I couldn't actually have them stolen.
Daiktana: Newbieness - I built my first guild about a week after I joined Furc.. called it Computim Enterprises.
Pattry: Interesting name.
Daiktana: Was based off a company I had to make up in Junior High at the time
Pattry: Going into running a guild after a week? That's a pretty big jump. How did it go?
Daiktana: I'm pretty sure I singlehandedly brought the quality of guilds on Furcadia down several points. We broke every rule in the book for persona play guilds xD
Pattry: Okay let's jump to 2002. You have a bit of experience under your belt and Furcadia is still in full swing. What did you get up to by then?
Daiktana: Uh bout that time I started SSG.. which was Spacestation Gamma
Daiktana: Sci-fi dream that was heavily influenced by Star Trek.
Daiktana: I also joined the Help Desk Beekins.. and eventually the Welcomers
Pattry: Oh yes. You are responsible for what has been called the biggest Sci-Fi continuity on Furcadia. Is this the same one?
Daiktana: That'd be the same one.. we were pretty big yeah
Daiktana: We had about 250 members at our peak.. usually 20-30 active on a particular evening
Pattry: You have been important as a Beekin. Now Every now and then, I have heard of the "Beekin Uprising of 2004" Supposedly you were the instigator. What's that all about?
Daiktana: That was me being a really dumb kid who thought I knew everything. I basically got upset over some stuff, blew it out of proportion, and then got myself booted from the Beekins. Being a firecracker temper at the time, I didn't let things go and, instead, had a big sit-in in the Vinca, looking back on it wasn't my best moment haha.
Pattry: Do you think it caused any positive changes?
Daiktana: Not really.. I found working within the system helps bring about far more, and meaningful changes than trying to force the square block in the round hole
Pattry: What other things have you done in and around the community?
Daiktana: Had a couple more iterations/variations of guilds.. I came back into the Beekin program a couple years later having matured a bit, created PawProxy, did some tools, was a Bugge Hunter, Scribe Head, teacher for a bit
Pattry: Just chilling now or are you still helping in the system?
Daiktana: I'm actually a member of the Coders team now. Helping out with a little of the ton of stuff being done on the Second Dreaming stuff, mainly behind the scenes and on the web side of things. Quite busy with career irl so I don't always get as much done on the Furcadia side as I'd like.
Pattry: We can't be young forever! Okay you're my second interviewee but I am going to say it is tradition that I ask the kind furrs that help me out, about their views on the state of Furcadia, beneath the patches. Do you have any opinions on the way that dreams, the community or anything else has developed over the years?
Daiktana: I'm amazed looking at how far we've come.. when I joined we had dragon and phoenix for extras with wings.. we had to have bots whisper people to do signs.. now we've got string DS, databases, client-side animation.... and a ton more coming down the pipeline. It's awesome to be part of the community, no other game on the net really has the community integrated like Furcadia does.
Pattry: A very positive perspective! Anything you would change, if you had the power?
Daiktana: Have everyone on Furcadia have tons of money that they can buy digos with so we can hire full time staff and get more changes done even faster XD
Pattry: Thank you so very much for giving us your time. Is there anything you would like to say to any newbie that might read this in the years to come?
Daiktana: Find something you like, and latch on to it. There really is something for everyone on this game :)
Pattry: You have a good day, my good Furre.
Daiktana: You too :)